How to delete Telegram account permanently on Android

How to delete Telegram account permanently on Android. You can delete Telegram account instantly or schedule automatic deletion

What happens When I delete my Telegram account on Android?

When you delete your Telegram account:

  • All your messages and contacts will be removed permanently
  • All media and files also will be deleted permanently
  • Your friends in Telegram will keep their chat history with you. You won’t be able to delete the chat history after your Telegram account was deleted
  • You must wait a few days before you can create a new account with your phone number
  • Your channels and groups will continue to function normally, the existing admins will retain their privileges. 

How to delete Telegram account permanently on Android

Delete Telegram account instantly on Android

Use the web browser on your Android phone to open Telegram Deactivation Page:

Enter your Telegram phone number and then click on “Next” button

Note: The phone number format: +(country code)(your phone number)

How to delete Telegram account on AndroidTelegram will send login code to Telegram app (not SMS). Enter it to “Confirmation code” box. And then click on “Sign In” button

Continue to click on “Delete account”

How to delete Telegram account on Android

Telegram will suggest you alternative options for account deletion as if change the phone number

If you still want to delete, click on “Delete My Account” button

How to delete Telegram account on Android

Finally, click on “Yes, delete my account” button to delete your Telegram account permanently

Delete Telegram account permanently on Android using auto-delete time

Open Telegram App for Android, tap on Menu (☰) → Settings → Privacy and Security

Continue tap on “If Away For”, then select the auto-delete time (from 1 month to 1 year, default is 6 months)

After auto-delete time, the Telegram account will be delete permanently

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